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Birthdate:May 18
Location:Luton, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

I am female, 31, and live in the UK. I live with my boyfriend David of twelve years and our three month old daughter Ffion and I normally work in an office but am currently on maternity leave.

Please feel free to add me if you think we share any interests.

All of my posts are "friends only" to protect the people I am posting about - or myself. I tend to write mainly about my personal life with a few smatterings of fan girl ramblings.


My Smallville fan fiction can be found on here: Please read and leave a review if you are a Smallville fan. I really recommend Jor-El, it is long but worth it and my newest fic "Life after Lois Lane".

Feedback for my fic, "Life after Lois Lane":
"Since meeting Clex I haven't liked Lois but this was so beautiful, sad and well written. Thanks for such a great story!"
micetea -, USA.

Feedback for, "Jor-El":
"Good story. The sheer size of it is impressive, especially as it held my interest all the way through. I like how you've taken a single episode and explored every detail of it--this is the definitive "Relic" fic to date, as far as I know. The best piece of writing in the story, I think, is Tempus and Jor-El in the cells together--there's some real quality in that long exchange. The steamy bits were also quite well done (Louise-Dex; Louise-Joe).

I admire your restraint with the time travel--it's easy (for me, anyway) to get carried away and start creating parallel realities and killing characters off left and right with that stuff. The subtle twist at the end was perfect--Jor-El *always* finds out about Krypton's destruction in 1961, and starts making his plans then. Quality, that"

Colin, UK.

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